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Simple Shipping via a Yakit Hub

With Simple Shipping, you can simply send your international shipments one-by-one or grouped together to a Yakit selected Hub partner closest to you. The Yakit Hub partner affixes your last mile.

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Optimizing your shipping cost with Yakit

Here are the tools Yakit provides to optimize your shipping cost, and to ensure that your buyers will see accurate shipping rates in the shopping cart.

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Delivery Confirmation for inbound US/Canada shipments

Yakit’s process for last mile delivery within the US and Canadian markets assures our clients that there has been a delivery made via our Postal delivery partners.

Cross border eCommerce

Why E-Commerce Merchants Should Own Their Cross Border Checkout Experience

Outsourcing your international shopping cart

Many E-Commerce merchants have chosen to ‘outsource’ their international shopping cart experience. There can be many reasons why a merchant would select a.

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Shipment Monitoring brought to you by Yakit

Yakit monitors end to end logistics from an online merchant's shipping center, all the way to the receiving customer's door.

Transit times and SLA, Shipping with Yakit

Yakit Express - when you can't wait to get it

With Yakit Express, your international shipments get there even sooner, in 2-5 days worldwide.  

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Countries supported by Yakit

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Greasing the Wheels of International B2C Logistics


Yakit for Miva

What is Yakit for Miva?

Yakit for Miva is a Miva module that provides the following capabilities for your Miva store.