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Shipping with Yakit

High volume shipping with Yakit

Yakit (Master) BoxingTM for high volume shippers 

Yakit (Master) BoxingTM provides security, dimensional weight reduction, and improved handling speed for your international shipments. Our software.

Shipping with Yakit

Payment option for Indian merchants

Indian merchants cannot use PayPal for payments.  This is due to RBI restrictions. But fear not, we have your covered.  

Shipping with Yakit

Using a Thermal Printer

You are now able to use your ZPL language thermal printer to print all of the Yakit labels. To start using your thermal printer, go to your Shipper Dashboard and click on "Preferences" in the upper.

API integration with Yakit

Yakit API

1. Linking the Yakit account

To begin with, a customer needs to sign up on Yakit. We can use oAuth to carry over the Partner credentials to create an account on Yakit. The creation of the account.

Transit times and SLA, Shipping with Yakit

Holiday shipping via Yakit

As we go into the 2017 Holiday shipping season, here is some data from our analytics team that should help you schedule your shipments.

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I am using a fulfillment partner, how can I use Yakit?

If you are using a fulfillment partner to warehouse, pick, pack and ship your packages, you can still use Yakit.  

Shipping with Yakit

Payment options for US, EU, HK, SG, CN merchants

US, EU, HK, SG and CN merchants can pay for Yakit Jobs using the following options:

  • Pay for the Job via Paypal or Credit card. You can see the exact Yakit Job invoice in the Yakit Payments page.

Dangerous Goods (DG) and Restricted Goods, Shipping with Yakit

Restricted Products Shipping from the United States

In general, items like perfumes, cosmetics, chemicals and electronics with lithium batteries are considered restricted and may not be allowed for carriage.

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Managing your shipping costs and driving sales

Managing your shipping costs and driving sales through Subsidy Management

At Yakit, we believe that our customer’s success is our success. In our continuing efforts to enable our customers to achieve.

Transit times and SLA

Yakit Transit Times and SLA

♦ What is the Yakit SLA?