Boost your Conversion and LTV with Hassle-Free International Shipping!

Analytics, Shipping with Yakit, Conversion Optimization

Offering Shipping Discounts for International Orders - With Yakit

Shipping Discount can be offered by a merchant to help with conversions, or to offer a one-time promo.

Analytics, Shipping with Yakit, Conversion Optimization

Enhancing your shopping cart conversions - with Yakit

The problem

Integrations with other platforms, Google Shopping

Yakit shipping tweaks for Google Shopping Product Feed

Merchants may want to run Google Adwords campaigns for their products on Shopify and other platforms which are served by Yakit Shipping. Yakit Shipping provides API driven shipping, duties and taxes.

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How to track and manage your Shopify quoted shipping cost

Most e-commerce experts recommend subsidizing shipping as a way to increase your customers' purchase rate (conversions). We highly recommend using our Free/Flat shipping feature (Channels > Free/Flat.


Yakit for Shopify App, Version 2.0

May 18, 2016

Third party fulfillment 3PF, Shipping with Yakit

Third Party Fulfillment (3PF)

During their growth phase, online merchants may begin to consider using a Third Party Fulfillment (3PF) house to handle their warehousing, pick/pack, shipping and order processing including returns.

Cross border eCommerce

Rapid growth of e-Commerce in emerging markets and the resulting logistics challenge for Cross Border Shipping

B2C e-Commerce is growing much faster in the emerging markets than in the developed markets. The chart below from the Market Research Company, e-Marketer, shows over 35% per year growth for the.

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The Yakit Value Proposition

The Yakit value proposition in today’s online E-commerce and E-Tail Space is very unique and is unmatched in the marketplace. The DaaS ( Delivery as a Service) Yakit provides for international.

Shipping with Yakit

How to Ship with Yakit

Yakit makes eCommerce shipping simple with a straightforward user interface that automatically generates all required documents.


Yakit introduces a cost saving, no hassles, online app for Shopify merchants