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Additional Charges tab on your Yakit Shipping dashboard

Yakit onboarding, rate chart, cross-border

How to copy or split a shipment in Yakit


Yakit onboarding, rate chart, cross-border

How to get a rate chart using the Yakit Rate Calculator

The Yakit Rate Calculator (YRC) is a simple tool that uses Yakit’s routing and rating engine to provide a quote for what a particular shipment will cost, including any applicable duties and taxes.

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Rates, rates, rates. How Yakit helps you manage your shipping costs.

Shipping costs are a big swing factor in selling to customers globally.  In this blog, we will show you how Yakit has your back when it comes to managing your shipping costs.


Yakit for Shopify

Shopify merchants, wanting to sell and ship their products globally, can use the best-in-class Yakit App for Shopify.

With this app, merchants can seamlessly integrate Yakit’s world class .

Conversion Optimization, Cross border eCommerce, DDP, OND, Holiday shipping

Use "Free shipping" to boost conversions and get ready for OND 2018

October, November, December (OND) are the key sales months for eCommerce sites, accounting for up to 50% of the annual revenue for many.

Shipping with Yakit

New Quotes Tab


Shipping with Yakit

Australia - New GST on Low Value Imported Goods Effective July 1, 2018


Shipping with Yakit

Landed cost in your shopping cart with Yakit

Once you install the Yakit App, say for Shopify, you will start seeing Yakit quotes that include shipping cost and duties/taxes.  Buyers love this transparency and are more inclined to "convert".

Shipping with Yakit

Setting Up Your Store for Yakit "Quotes Only"

Don't have a FedEx or DHL account, but still want to display the landed cost in your store? No problem! Use Yakit in "Quotes Only" mode, to display the landed cost to your international customers.