Boost your Conversion and LTV with Hassle-Free International Shipping!

Shipping with Yakit

Launch a Free Shipping Promotion with Yakit

Many Yakit merchants have seen increased conversions (to the extent of doubling the conversion rate) by offering Free Shipping.  The Yakit Free/Flat rules (access it on your Channels screen) allow.

Third party fulfillment 3PF, Cross border eCommerce

Order fulfillment - the key to success in e-commerce

Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door  This is a familiar quote attributed to the 19th century American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson. This quotation is frequently.


Yakit for WooCommerce

What is Yakit for 

It's a WooCommerce plugin that provides the following capabilities for your store :

Shipping with Yakit

Simplified Shipping - With Yakit

We are introducing a new 'simplified' shipping method for optimizing your Yakit Standard shipments.

Cross border eCommerce

EU directive on Consumer Rights in e-Commerce transactions

The European Union Consumer Rights Directive of June 2014 aims to protect the rights of e-commerce customers and bring them on par with the rights of customers who buy from brick and mortar.

Shipping with Yakit, Yakit onboarding

Yakit Rate Calculator

 The Yakit Rate Calculator (YRC) is a simple tool that uses Yakit’s routing and rating engine to predict what a particular shipment will cost, including any applicable duties and taxes.

Shipping with Yakit

High volume shipping with Yakit

Yakit (Master) BoxingTM for high volume shippers 

Yakit (Master) BoxingTM provides security, dimensional weight reduction, and improved handling speed for your international shipments.  Our.

Shipping with Yakit

Payment option for Indian merchants

Indian merchants cannot use PayPal for payments.  This is due to RBI restrictions. But fear not, we have your covered.  

Shipping with Yakit

Using a Thermal Printer

You are now able to use your ZPL language thermal printer to print all of the Yakit labels.  To start using your thermal printer, go to your Shipper Dashboard and click on "Preferences" in the.

API integration with Yakit

Yakit API

1. Linking the Yakit account