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Third party fulfillment 3PF, Cross border eCommerce

Order fulfillment - the key to success in e-commerce

Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door  This is a familiar quote attributed to the 19th century American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson. This quotation is frequently.

Third party fulfillment 3PF, Shipping with Yakit, Yakit onboarding, Third party logistics 3PL

I am using a fulfillment partner, how can I use Yakit?

If you are using a fulfillment partner to warehouse, pick, pack and ship your packages, you can still use Yakit.  

Third party fulfillment 3PF, Shipping with Yakit

Simple Shipping via a Yakit Hub

With Simple Shipping, you can simply send your international shipments one-by-one or grouped together to a Yakit selected Hub partner closest to you.  The Yakit Hub partner affixes your last mile.

Third party fulfillment 3PF, Shipping with Yakit

Third Party Fulfillment (3PF)

During their growth phase, online merchants may begin to consider using a Third Party Fulfillment (3PF) house to handle their warehousing, pick/pack, shipping and order processing including.