Countries supported by Yakit


An elegant analytics person holding map of the world in its hand with numbers, statistics in front of blue background conceptCheck this blog periodically for the list of countries Yakit supports. We are always adding new countries as we expand our logistics network.  

If you have other countries that you would like supported, let us know. We are driven by you!

Our delivery timelines shown below are in business-days, where Day 0 is when the shipment is handed over to a Yakit Partner:

  • Yakit Standard = 6-12 days.  Duties Paid, insured up to $2500.
  • Yakit Fast = 3-7 days.  Duties Paid, insured up to $2500
  • Yakit Express = 2-5 days. Duties Paid, insured up to $2500
  • Yakit Domestic = 1-3 days (USPS Priority Mail), insured up to $2500.

And of course, we provide full, normalized tracking and watch your shipment with our Proactive MonitoringTM system because yours is the only package that matters.

Destination Country 

Shipper Country = US *

US Domestic

Standard, Fast, Express

AU, NZ Standard, Fast, Express
CN, JP, KR Standard, Fast, Express
EU (28) Standard, Fast, Express
AR, BR, CO, CL, MX Standard, Express
ROW** Standard (~40 countries), Express (~200 countries), Labels/quotes* (~200 countries)

* You can sign up for Labels or Quotes only and ship with your own billing accounts from any country in the world.

** ROW countries can be seen in your Yakit Rate Calculator once you sign up.

Once you sign up, contact us via Y-Chat and your routes will be set up for you to ship. 

If you have questions about our reach, or would like to propose additional countries, just click on  on the Yakit home page.