Delivery Confirmation for inbound US/Canada shipments

Yakit’s process for last mile delivery within the US and Canadian markets assures our clients that there has been a delivery made via our Postal delivery partners.

The delivery process and responsibility lies with Yakit, and as such your parcel deliveries are recorded in our end to end tracking process. 

The delivery of a parcel within the United States and Canada is referred to as Delivery Confirmation or DELCON.  This assures you that the parcel has been placed into the recipient’s mailbox on a certain date and at a certain time.  If the parcel was too large for the mail box, it will either have been left at the door (at a secure location) or the recipient  have been notified via a ‘door hanger’ or ‘pick-up’ tag.  This notification instructs the recipient where to come and pickup their parcel.   Delivery Confirmation is part of the normalized tracking process with Yakit.

Another level of confirmation is called Signature Confirmation.  This level of service can be utilized by our clients but does come with additional fee’s depending on whether your parcels are being delivered in the United States or Canada. Under this scenario, your recipient must physically be at the delivery address and must physically sign for the parcel. 

This requirement of physically signing for the parcel can add delays to the final delivery depending on the recipients’ availability and the delivering Postal Authority will only attempt to deliver a certain number of times before a requirement tag instructing the receiver to pick up the parcel at a local facility will ensue.  Signature Confirmation means that Yakit’s delivery SLA is no longer valid because we cannot determine when the parcel will finally be picked up or delivered.