Simple Shipping via a Yakit Hub

With Simple Shipping, you can simply send your international shipments one-by-one or grouped together to a Yakit selected Hub partner closest to you.  The Yakit Hub partner affixes your last mile labels, secures your shipments in a sturdy master box or pallet and sends them via Yakit logistics network.  You get the benefit of the logistics cost saving due to the aggregation done by the Yakit Hub partner.

If you have just a few shipments going to each Country/region (eg EU or AU) you will save money via Yakit Hubbing.

Here's how the Simple Shipping via a Yakit Hub Partner works:

How does Yakit price Simple Shipping?

  • Yakit adds a ground shipping (hub-drop) charge for each shipment you send to the Yakit Hub if you want Yakit to manage the entire shipping.  
  • You can save on this charge by doing your own shipping to the Yakit Hub partner.  You can even group all your shipments to save on the hub-drop charge. If you do your own hub-drops, you will need to affix a bar-coded label on each package showing its Order ID (the one that is in the Yakit order or on your Shopify Order) and your Company Name.  Also be sure to mark-up your shopping cart fees with the appropriate charge, so you can recoup your hub-drop charge from your buyers.
  • You will pay for the shipping cost from the Yakit Hub to your consignee.  This optimized shipping cost will be lower than what you would pay if you send it directly via the Yakit Network.
  • Yakit charges an additional $2 for each shipment to do the labeling and the master-boxing at the Yakit Hub.


You will continue to pay via PayPal or Credit card stored in your Profile or you can prebuy Yakit Tokens and cache the Token number in your profile.

Your Job Invoice will show you the exact cost of shipping + duties/taxes just as it does today.

When can I ship directly without having to go via a Yakit Hub?

When your volumes go up, you may choose to do the bulking/bundling in-house and save on the additional day it takes at the Yakit Hub.  Just let us know via Y-Chat.