Why E-Commerce Merchants Should Own Their Cross Border Checkout Experience

Outsourcing your international shopping cart

Many E-Commerce merchants have chosen to ‘outsource’ their international shopping cart experience. There can be many reasons why a merchant would select a third party vendor to take care of international orders such as:

  • The third party vendor provides all customer service experience
  • The third party vendor may provide pricing in local currency
  • The service may coordinate with their 3PL efficiently because the 3PL does not have to prep an international shipment, but rather just send the order to a domestic warehouse for processing
  • The online merchant may perceive international shipping as too complicated and time consuming.

Problems some merchants face with “outsourcing”

Taking the ‘off-ramp’ to outsourcing your international orders can be enticing but there are many things going on in the background that you may never see, until it is too late and there is a social media backlash.

  • Delayed transit times due to additional handling and routing of the international order. Yes, chances are, your overseas customers’ transit times are not that impressive because the third party warehouse where the parcel is going may be geographically far away from the 3PL or the in house fulfillment facility where you process orders from.
  • Cost….this is a huge element that you are outsourcing and where your end customer may not be being offered a competitive shipping charge. Not only is the cost of shipping being potentially exploited, but is that third party cross border vendor tacking on additional duty/tax/customs fees? And more importantly if they are...How will you know about it?
  • What is the end ‘customer experience’ like for the international customer, who came to your website and bought a product from you...the online retailer? Are you internally monitoring the customer experience? Are you privy to communications going back and forth between your international buyer and the third party cross border partner?
  • What is happening with the orders that are being dropped because the third party provider’s costs are too high, or there was a communications lapse, or worse? Who is monitoring the social media side of your business where a disgruntled overseas buyer could be negatively impacting your brand?
  • How are your overseas sales being impacted? Are you really happy with your overseas orders? Who is even monitoring shopping cart abandonment going on once your website has directed your overseas buyer to the third party cross border website? Is this outsourced solution costing you valuable sales and profit?

Yakit lets you be in the driver’s seat

Yakit lets you to take control of your international customer order experience.

Yakit has taken a very straight line approach to helping online merchants develop and maintain a very high degree of transparency and customer service towards overseas buyers, via our technology and logistics.

Yakit is the only service that provides ‘real time’ duties and taxes and shipping costs right within your site’s shopping cart. Your customers are NOT pointed toward another website to complete the sale. Your customers stay on your website and keep shopping and placing orders, all while Yakti technology provides the total shipping costs and duty and taxes cost right within your shopping cart, so all your customer has to do is pay and they can sit back and wait for their parcel to arrive….Duty and Taxes Prepaid….DDP the way it should be.

Yakit is a ‘tool’ that empowers you the online merchant to create a long lasting bond with your overseas customer and help make their online ordering experience beyond reproach. Not only does Yakit provide full end to end tracking on every order, but our delivery SLAs encourage your shoppers to buy confidently and regularly from your site, thus enabling you to build your business with repeat customers and happy social media reviews.

Between Yakit’s tracking information and the fact that every shipment is insured up to 2000.00 USD, the risk for Yakit merchants is very small, and that is a major reason why Yakit is growing our customers overseas business month over month, year over year. YOUR overseas package is the ONLY one that matters and pleasing the international buyers is truly Yakit’s goal on every single shipment.