Optimizing your shipping cost with Yakit

Here are the tools Yakit provides to optimize your shipping cost, and to ensure that your buyers will see accurate shipping rates in the shopping cart.

Quoting in your shopping cart

Yakit gives quotes based on weight and anticipated dimensions.  Anticipated dimensions because during quoting time, the actual dimensions of the shipment are not know.  Yakit uses a proprietary machine learning algorithm to learn the dimensions of the shipment and applies it to the quote.

In order for the quote to be true to the final shipping, you must make sure that the product weight in your catalog is accurate. 

During shipping

a) Add correct shipping weights and dimensions.

During shipping Yakit asks you for the exact weight and dims.  For Shopify, Yakit uses the default dimensions of the shipment that you have configured in the Yakit Channels screen.  During shipping, you must edit the dimensions and weight to make them accurate.  Failing to do so will affect the costs seen by your buyers, which could lead to cart abandonment - you don't want to see your hard earned traffic to go away.

b) Optimize your shipping as follows:
    1. Pack your shipments efficiently - use the smallest packaging possible.  Use polybags where possible.
    2. If shipping via Yakit Standard service, master box efficiently - use a height reducer to lower your overall dim weight of your Yakit (master) box.

Shipping metrics
Periodically check the Shipping section of the Analytics tab in your Yakit Shipping tool.  It tells you how your Shipping is performing. 

a) Dim. Weight Multiplier is the difference between your actual weight and the dimensional weight of your shipments - use this number to try to reduce the packaging size.

b) Avg. additional box weight is the additional dimensions introduced by your Yakit boxing.  This is valid only for your Yakit Standard shipping, where you are bulking/boxing the shipments. Try to keep this low, by reducing the size of the Yakit box.

c) The other parameters are there for your information.

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Happy Shipping!