1. Linking the Yakit account

Yakit Delivery as a Service APITo begin with, a customer needs to sign up on Yakit. We can use oAuth to carry over the Partner credentials to create an account on Yakit. The creation of the account will generate a unique account key for access to the Yakit APIs.

Yakit account username and account key dashboard

The Yakit account credentials can be linked to the Partner user account and will be used to enable access to the Y-Engine (Yakit Shipping Engine) APIs.

2. Terminology

To understand the details of integration, it is important to understand the terminology used within the APIs and their mapping to conventional terminology within orders.


An item is a single product within an eCommerce store.


An order placed on an eCommerce store, to be delivered to a single consignee, constitutes a shipment. A shipment can comprise multiple items.


A job consists of multiple shipments going to different consignees. The consolidation of multiple shipments into a job enables ease of billing and consolidation of first mile pickup.

3. Integrating “Send to Yakit”

To enable Send to Yakit, the partner should include a button that can send multiple orders to Yakit to be consolidated into a job as shown below

Click here to read our online documentation Yakit API