High volume shipping with Yakit

Yakit (Master) BoxingTM for high volume shippers 

Yakit (Master) BoxingTM provides security, dimensional weight reduction, and improved handling speed for your international shipments.  Our software automatically tells you which shipments go onto which Yakit Box. 

Yakit (Master) Boxes can be

  • Stand-alone cardboard boxes, or
  • Pallets, Skids and Gaylords

Stand-alone Yakit cardboard boxes

Standalone cardboard Yakit Box

Stand-alone cardboard boxes must be 30kgs or less and must be double-walled and sturdy.

Gaylord style Yakit boxes on a pallet

Yakit Gaylord on a pallet

When utilizing a ‘Gaylord’ style box on top of a pallet, it is important that the shipment be prepared properly for transport to the airport and onto the aircraft.

  • Wooden Pallets are acceptable, but plastic pallets are preferred.
  • Fumigation is not necessary even if wooden pallets are used. 
  • The Gaylord (cardboard container) once filled with shipments must be ‘topped’ off with cardboard on the top portion and shrunk wrapped with DARK NON TRANSPARENT shrink wrap. This is important to the security of the shipment. 
  • The maximum height of the pallets is 60 inches
  • Weight of the pallet depends on strength of the wooden or plastic pallet being used. There is no weight restriction for Gaylords or pallets
  • The total weight of the shipment reported on Yakit must include the pallet weight. 
  • Gaylord boxes should be double walled cardboard and must fit properly on top of the pallet base. 
  • Yakit labels that were generated as directed by our software must be adhered to the sides of the pallet - not the top - after it has been shrinkwrapped - as they will be scanned by our partners.  Also do not put transparent tape on the Yakit bar codes as it reduces scannability and may delay your transit.

Pickup scheduling for high volume shippers

At ~ 150 lbs, Yakit will schedule an LTL pickup when you press Dispatch on the Yakit Shipping dashboard.

The merchant/shipper/fulfillment center needs to provide us with the following details via Y-Chat: 

Forklifting a Yakit (master) Box


Carton box with pallet on forklift isolated on white - with path


  • Does your facility have a forklift on the premises or does the driver need to have a pallet jack with them.
  • Will the truck need to have a ‘Lift Gate’ function
  • If you do not have a forklift or dock high doors?
  • Does your warehouse have scheduled hours for pickups only? If so what are they?
  • Does an appointment need to be made for a pickup?

Hope we have answered your questions.  If not, our Support Yaks are just a click away on Yakit Chat button

Happy shipping!