Restricted Products Shipping from the United States

In general, items like perfumes, cosmetics, chemicals and electronics with lithium batteries are considered restricted and may not be allowed for carriage.

However, Yakit is committed to assist you in shipping these products.

Perfumes, cosmetics, chemicals and liquids

Before being able to ship these items, Yakit will need you to fill out an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for your products, with Section 14 included (transportation section). If you currently don’t have an MSDS, an outline provided by OSHA can be found here. We will submit the forms and verify whether your products are considered safe for carriage. Items may appear to fall into the restricted category but not always. For example, perfumes that are not made with alcohol, but natural oils may not fall into the restricted category. In such a case, Yakit will still need an MSDS filled out for these products to declare they are safe for carriage and Yakit will submit these for every shipment.

Lithium Batteries

Certain lithium batteries are allowed for Yakit shipments.  Normally those are the batteries that are included with small electronics.  To be able to ship items with lithium batteries, you will need to designate the type of batteries and how they are packaged.

Lithium battery

The Lithium Battery Declaration shown here, reflects the type of lithium battery utilized in your products.  Check all of the boxes that apply to your products.  Any products that do not fall under these particular categories will not be accepted.

Shipper contact information will need to be filled out when the document is submitted along with contact name and phone number.

Also, to designate that a shipment has a lithium battery in it, a sticker must accompany the shipment designating it as carrying a lithium battery.  You must affix these labels on your shipments if you don't have one already.