Yakit Transit Times and SLA

♦ What is the Yakit SLA?

The Yakit SLA for 'Standard' service is 6-12 business days worldwide, from the pickup date.

For Yakit 'Fast' service, it is 3-7 business days.

The Yakit SLA for 'Express' service is 2-5 business days.

*Business days - Business days are Monday through Friday only. Weekends and holidays are excluded.
*Pickup date - Pickup date is the day your Yakit Box is picked up by the First mIle carrier/partner. This is not the date on which you Dispatched the shipment. You are responsible for contacting the First Mile Carrier and arranging for the pickup, or you can contact Yakit Support to schedule the pickup for you. The Pickup date is counted as Day 0 for SLA purposes.

Please make sure to set your customers' expectations with regards to SLA. Here is an example of a 'Standard' shipment, delivered within the 6-12 business day Yakit SLA.

 Yakit Shipment support and Proactive MonitoringTM

Yakit's Shipment support team monitors your shipment from pickup to delivery, to ensure SLA adherence - because yours is the only package that matters.  We use our route data to predict delays and work around them wherever possible.  We catch delays and exceptions before you or your customers do. 

♦ What happens when Yakit anticipates that the SLA is not going to be met?

Yakit works with its carrier partners to ensure smooth and timely transit of shipments across country borders.

These are instances of our assurance to you that your shipment is of utmost concern for our team.