Offering Shipping Discounts for International Orders - With Yakit

Shipping Discount can be offered by a merchant to help with conversions, or to offer a one-time promo.

Here are the steps for Shopify (you can do the same on other platforms as well) to offer a 'Shipping Discount Code' which your buyers can use at checkout:

  1. Determine what the estimated shipping cost for what your customer is wanting to order. You can do this by using your Y-Rate Calculator and entering in the shipment details.
  2. Next, determine how much of a Shipping Discount you wish to offer. For example, if your Y-Rate Calculator shows estimated shipping of $30.00 (and you want to offer a 50% discount on the shipping), you know that you want to essentially offer a $15 discount.
  3. Once you have this information, you can go into Shopify, and under Discounts, create a "Fixed Amount" discount code in the amount of $15.00, and offer it to your customer.
  4. Your customer can then apply the discount code at checkout, and receive a $15.00 discount from their order (essentially getting a 50% discount on the shipping)


If you wish to offer your customer completely free shipping (including the duties/taxes) for a particular order, you can go into Shopify, and under Discounts, set up a "Free Shipping" discount code.

When this code is applied at checkout, the customer will see completely free shipping (and free duties/taxes as well).


These orders, once pulled into Yakit, can be processed and dispatched as per your usual process. 

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