Rates, rates, rates. How Yakit helps you manage your shipping costs.

amazing-rates2Shipping costs are a big swing factor in selling to customers globally.  In this blog, we will show you how Yakit has your back when it comes to managing your shipping costs.

Yakit is more than "conversion optimization" via duties/paid shipping and free shipping promotions (see last month’s blog). 

It is also about lowering your cost of shipping and providing greater choices for international shipping - you don’t have to shop around, we are continuously doing that for you.

Lowering your costs

Lower shipping costs means more conversions.  Furthermore, Yakit optimizes your costs by quoting accurately in your cart so your customer - the eCommerce buyer - pays for shipping in full and you, the merchant, do not have to take a risk in shipping costs - no more bill-backs at the end of the month!

Check out our best kept secret - our amazing low rates - in the Yakit Rate Calculator that you may access on your Yakit Shipping Tool.  Be sure to enter correct weight and dims for your shipment, and, if you are shipping directly (and not via a Yakit Hub), the total weight of the bulk (Yakit Box).


As your volumes go up, you may switch from shipping via a Yakit Hub - which leverages the volumes of the Hub - to direct shipping - where you get the benefit of lower costs due to your first mile aggregation.  In addition, our automatic pricing algorithm also gives you a bigger share of our partners' cost rebates - since you contribute more shipments.  Our pricing algorithm also takes into account the number of quotes you serve up (which is a direct result of your digital marketing) and lowers your shipping cost proactively to help in the conversions.

Greater choices

More delivery options means catering to a wider variety of buyers with our services.

  • With Yakit Express, you have a 2-5 day service to over 200 countries.
  • Yakit Fast, our more affordable and fast (3-7 day) service, serves over 50 countries.
  • Yakit Standard, our most affordable service (6-12 days) can be used to provide a base line "Free" shipping option for your customers.

Each of our services uses branded partners worldwide.  They provide us their best rates because we aggregate our volumes and because we lower their costs with automation.  And each service has the same awesome Yakit Service, data driven Shipment Support and full insurance.


  • And don't forget Yakit Domestic, where you can offer next-day and beyond shipping within the country/region. 


If you have not signed up for Yakit, don't miss out on the greatest innovation in B2C eCommerce shipping.  

As always, help is just aychataway.  We love to hear from you and will put our best minds to work on your global growth challenges.

Happy shipping with Yakit.