Multi Shipping Points in Yakit

Yakit supports multiple warehouses and locations with its Yakit Shipping Points feature. You can set up multiple Shipping Points in the same or another country.  These countries of export must be supported by Yakit.  With this feature, you can keep your inventory distributed and close to the manufacturing - saving you more money.

Orders that are pulled from your eCommerce platform are split and routed to the appropriate Shipping Point via their Product Id.  If you don't have a Product Id specified or if the Yakit Shipping Tool sees ambiguity, it will ask you during shipping time.  Once you specify the routing, it will learn and do it automatically.

Each item or group of items shipped from a Shipping Point is considered a shipment in Yakit terms. The consignee will get multiple shipments, not unlike how it works for many marketplaces. Yakit prices these in the shopping cart so that your consumer sees a single landed cost. 


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