Additional Charges tab on your Yakit Shipping dashboard

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From time to time, we get bill-backs from our awesome carrier partners for your shipments.

The most common reason for these bill-backs is : incorrectly reported dimensional weights or additional dims/weight related charges or returns to the merchant.

We have recently added an "Additional Charges" tab in your Yakit Shipping Tool, which gets refreshed at the beginning of each week, with a debit that happens on the Sunday at the end of the week. This was implemented to cover the additional charges levied upon us by our carrier partners, for shipments that were found to be 'larger' than what was reported.

Below is an example of what the Additional Charges tab looks like. If you find a shipment on this tab, please check the details right away.

Some of the key columns to look at are :

Merchant's stated weight - This is the weight you reported for the shipment, during shipping
Merchant's stated dims - These are the dims you reported for the shipment, during shipping
Dim weight charged to merchant - This is the chargeable weight you were charged (by Yakit) at shipping time for the shipment, based on the weight and dims you provided
Dim weight billed by partner - This is the actual dimensional weight that was reported to us by our carrier partner for the shipment (since they re-weigh and re-measure each shipment as it passes through their network)
Addl charges billed by partner - These are the additional charges levied upon us by our carrier partner, which we are passing along to you


Our goal is to keep you, the merchant, net neutral in shipping cost... just as we do with duties and taxes.  If you see additional charges, the probable reason could be that your warehouse is not updating the weight and dims in Yakit during shipping.

When you check and enter accurate weight and dims during shipping for every shipment, Yakit learns them and quotes accurately to your buyers - so you can charge them accurately for their shipping.  Of course, you can still do Free Shipping if you choose, but it will avoid Additional Charges.

Our partners re-weigh and re-dim your shipments as a service to us.  If you feel the additional charges are incorrect, let us know right away and and we'll be happy to investigate.

Thanks for trusting Yakit and our partners with your valuable products. As always, we are on Y-chat for any questions or comments you may have.

Here's wishing you a successful 2018 Holiday season!