Boost your Conversion and LTV with Hassle-Free International Shipping!

Transit times and SLA, Tracking, Shipping with Yakit

Shipment Monitoring brought to you by Yakit

Yakit monitors end to end logistics from an online merchant's shipping center, all the way to the receiving customer's door.

Transit times and SLA, Shipping with Yakit

Yakit Express - when you can't wait to get it

With Yakit Express, your international shipments get there even sooner, in 2-5 days worldwide.  

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Countries supported by Yakit

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Offering Shipping Discounts for International Orders - With Yakit

Shipping Discount can be offered by a merchant to help with conversions, or to offer a one-time promo.

Analytics, Shipping with Yakit, Conversion Optimization

Enhancing your shopping cart conversions - with Yakit

The problem

Third party fulfillment 3PF, Shipping with Yakit

Third Party Fulfillment (3PF)

During their growth phase, online merchants may begin to consider using a Third Party Fulfillment (3PF) house to handle their warehousing, pick/pack, shipping and order processing including returns.

Shipping with Yakit

How to Ship with Yakit

Yakit makes eCommerce shipping simple with a straightforward user interface that automatically generates all required documents.

Shipping with Yakit

How to create a Yakit (master) Box

Note: This blog article does not apply to Merchants who ship via a Yakit Hub. In that case you simply send each shipments to the Yakit determined nearest Hub partner to do the Yakit Boxing - so you.

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What documents do I need for Exports?

Shipping with Yakit

Yakit Shipping Insurance - how does it work?

1. Introduction

Yakit delivers shipments from a Merchant's warehouse to a Buyer.  Merchants pay Yakit for its delivery service.