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Cross border eCommerce, DDP

Why is Delivery Duties Paid (DDP) shipping important?

Whether you are conducting a sales transaction from your online E-commerce store or drop shipping from India to the United States, China to Australia, or Australia to Europe…literally from.

Cross border eCommerce

Cross-Border Shipping Challenges

The world has become one big online marketplace. European consumers buy from American online shops while American consumers shop on Indian sites. Now that a variety of payment solutions allow for.

Cross border eCommerce, Duties, Taxes, Customs, DDP

Duties & Taxes are Killing your International Sales

If you are an online merchant, you may have made the decision either consciously or unconsciously that shipping internationally is really too complicated to deal with duties and taxes. You may.

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Yakit is your ultimate partner to India

If your online business is starting to see more and more orders being purchased from Indian consumers, you are not alone. The Indian E-tail / B to C market is growing at double digit percentages.

Cross border eCommerce, Duties, Taxes, Customs, Shipping with Yakit, DDP

Are You Ready to Yakit?

In the highly competitive world of online retailing, each order that goes out your door is the most important order—whether you own a brick-and-mortar storefront with a small shipping section in.

Cross border eCommerce

Air cargo security and eCommerce delivery

1. Enormous cargo capacity is available on passenger planes

The rapid growth in air transportation provides the opportunity for e-commerce to shorten time and cost of delivery for on-line.

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