Landed cost in your shopping cart with Yakit

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Once you install the Yakit App, say for Shopify, you will start seeing Yakit quotes that include shipping cost and duties/taxes.  Buyers love this transparency and are more inclined to "convert" or buy.  This has been seen by all of our customers - to the tune of a ~250% increase in their conversions.

Add to the landed cost, "Free" shipping - and watch your conversions take off even further. 

Here's an example of how you can selectively offer "Free" shipping to your customers - by service type and country, without any duty/tax risk.  

Yakit powered shopping cart

Join our many customers who are not only managing their international duties and taxes risks with Yakit but are also using shipping as a weapon in their international marketing.

As always, help is just a  click away and we look forward to your feedback.