The Yakit Rate Calculator (YRC) is a simple tool that uses Yakit’s routing and rating engine to predict what a particular shipment will cost, including any applicable duties and taxes.

Since the YRC uses the same engine as the Yakit Shipping Tool, you will get an accurate estimate of the final shipping cost, but these results are provided only for reference.

Some of the key factors in your rate calculation are the dimensions and the total weight of your shipments and Yakit Box.

The main reason that the YRC’s estimates can differ from the final cost of shipping is if you do direct shipping (without going via the Yakit Hub) and vary the dimensions of your Yakit Box (bulk).

How to use the Y-Rate Calculator

To use the calculator, log in to your Yakit shipping account, then click on the Yakit Shipping Tool button.  Click on the menu item Y-Rate Calculator in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

Once in the Y-Rate Calculator, you will need to add some information about the shipment in question.  You can get an idea of a general rate without filling out all fields, but providing accurate and complete information will produce the most reliable rate.

YRate Calc

The fields in the Y-Rate Calculator are:

  1. Currency Unit: The currency used to value the shipment.

  2. Destination Country: The country you are shipping to.

  3. Service Level: Choose “Standard” or “Express”, or “All” to get rates for both

  4. Postal Code: Some countries offer different rates based on postal codes; for those countries, if the postal code is not provided, a default rate is applied.

  5. Gross Weight of Shipment: The total weight of all items in the shipment

  6. Total Weight of all Shipments: This is the total weight of your shipments plus the weight of the Yakit Box.  If you don’t know this, leave it entry blank (Yakit will calculate the rate based on the average Box weight of your shipments to date. The default is 15 lb).

  7. Weight Unit: lb, oz, g, or kg

  8. Length of Shipment: Your shipment’s length

  9. Width of Shipment: Your shipment’s width

  10. Height of Shipment: Your shipment’s height

  11. Length Unit: in or cm

Now we move to describing the individual items in your shipment:

  1. Product ID: Your internal ID for the item (this has no effect on the rate so it’s not required).
  2. Display Name: The item’s name
  3. Description: Your description of the item
  4. Country of Origin: What country are you shipping from?
  5. Weight of Item: This is the weight of the item only
  6. Weight Unit: lb, oz, g, or kg
  7. Value of Item: The value of a single item
  8. Quantity: How many of the exact same item are in the shipment?

If you have more items in your shipment, you can press “Add Another Item” and fill in the item information for the additional item(s).

Once you have entered all of your items, press the green Get rates button and you will get a breakdown of the delivery charge and any associated duties and taxes for that shipment.

To see how your rate changes based upon how many shipments you send to a particular destination at once, adjust the Total Weight of All Shipments upwards or downwards and recalculate.



If the rates you see in the Y-Rate Calculator don’t make sense or seem too high, contact Yakit Support via chat or the Yakit Support link and we’ll be glad to assist you.

The Y-Rate Calculator is one way that Yakit aims to make international shipping simple and transparent—that’s our hassle-free experience.