India Imports/Exports documents requirement

1. Yakit Imports into India

1.1 Courier clearance

For Invoice value <=1,00,000 INR (per HAWB) =~ USD 1538

  • IEC Copy - Self Attested
  • Address Proof copy - Self attested
  • Photo ID Proof (If proprietorship)
  • Authorization Letter - Original on company letterhead.

For Invoice value  > 1,00,000 INR

  • IEC Copy - Self Attested
  • Address Proof - Self attested copy
  • Authorization Letter - Original on company letterhead
  • GATT Declaration - Stamp and Signature (on normal A4 Sheet)
  • Bank Remittance Copy (if prepaid)  / Declaration letter with payment terms (if not prepaid)
  • Company PAN - Self attested copy


  • Even if value is less than 1,00,000 INR. Customs may ask for additional documents or insist for formal clearance based on quantity of items in the shipment. Example: 500 Nos of Iphone covers of value 1 USD each is less than 1,00,000 INR, but the quantity 500 Nos will attract customs officer's attention.
  • Though the shipments > 1,00,000 INR can be cleared formally, we may have challenges in customs as the shipment will have multiple categories.

2. Yakit Exports out of India (non-jewelry)

2.1 Cargo clearance (For shipment value > 25,000 INR)

  • IEC  - Self Attested copy
  • Company PAN - self attested copy
  • Bank AD Letter - Original Letter from Bank on Bank’s Letterhead
  • Authorization letter to register AD code - original printed on letterhead with seal and signature
  • CHA authorization letter - Original printed on company letterhead with seal and signature.
  • Address proof (Phone/Electricity/other govt. documents) - Self attested copy
  • Copy of VAT/Sales Tax Registration/Exemption certificate of the merchant exporter
  • Any two of the below documents
    • A certificate from the Bank with whom the Bank Account is being maintained for the purpose of remittance of foreign exchange to the effect that account is being maintained satisfactorily.
    • Where the bank account is less than 03 month old, details of other bank accounts held by the exporter.
    • Details of past exports made from other ports if any.Copies of shipping bill,invoice and packing list to be included.
    • Balance sheet of the previous year.
    • Copy of the last Income Tax Return/ VAT or Sales Tax Return filed.

2.2  Courier clearance (For shipment value <=25,000 INR)

  • Shipper ID proof - self attested copy
  • Shipper Address proof - Self attested copy

Note: Shipper will not be able to claim any export related documents or export benefits by exporting shipments in courier channel without IEC

3. Yakit Exports out of India (Jewelry)

  • IEC Copy
  • Separate Pan Card copies of Company and Director
  • Address Proof (address to match with IEC address)
  • AD Code letter from Bank.To be signed in blue ink.Bank employee code required on the doc
  • VAT/TIN Certificate
  • Last year VAT Return
  • Last year IT Return
  • Electricity Bill
  • Last 3 months Bank Statement: To be attested by Bank with their stamp & signatory sign. Customs will not accept computer generated statement.
  • Last year Balance Sheet.
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Articles of Association
  • Memorandum of Association
  • KYC Form
  • Power of Attorney granted to its managers, officers or employees to transact business on its behalf
  • Authorization letter to CHA
  • Bank Certificate with Photo attestation
  • Signature Verification letter
  • Covering letter mentioning the list of docs attached
  • Director/Proprietor Passport copy & Adhaar card (if Proprietorship)