B2C Import Documentation - India

Here are the documents required of each B2C Consignee (receiver of shipments) when in India.

These documents must be provided by the Merchant (Shipper) prior to Dispatching the shipments via Yakit for import into India.

If these documents are not present for each shipment, then Yakit's Customs Partner in India will attempt to get them from the shipment's consignee.

Shipper must provide the email address and phone number of the Consignee.

B2C Import Documentation for India
Document Type Provider How to Delivery Comments
ID Proof  Consignee Email Scan copy to support@yakit.com Self Attested
Address Proof  Consignee Email Scan copy to support@yakit.com Self Attested. Address should match with delivery address of the shipment
Authorization Letter  Consignee Email Scan copy to support@yakit.com To be printed and signed on an A4 sheet