India Export / Import Notes

Please note below if you are exporting or importing any of below categories.

1. Tea or other food export: 

   a) If you are exporting tea or any other food items to the USA, you should register with FDA ( US Food and Drug Administration) and obtain registration number. Click here for more details about registration.

   b) You should mention FDA product code for your product in the display name. Product codes can be found here

2. Jewellery Export:

   Jewels exported out of India should be packed in a metal tin box.

   a) If it is a single shipment going to one consignee, pack all items in a metal tin box.

   b) If there are multiple shipments shipped to different consignees of the same country, then individual shipments can be packed in your own branded cardboard box and inserted in to a tamper proof envelope. All of these shipments should then be packed in to a single large metal tin box.

3. Leather goods Export:

   a) Exporting leather products out of India requires a certificate or self declaration letter that states the type of animal leather is used to manufacture the product.

4.  Import of items with Lithium batteries:

   a) Requires BIS registration. Include registration number in the display name of the item.

   b) Below packing instructions should be followed and proper shipping name should be mentioned in display name.