Automatic Subsidy Management

Automatic Subsidy Management

Applies to: Merchants that display Yakit rates in their eCommerce carts

Yakit allows you to control your costs via bulking in Yakit Master Boxes. If you are showing rates in your shopping cart via one of our eCommerce apps (Shopify, Miva, et al. or via our Y-Rate API), you may have seen a difference between the rate you show in your cart and your actual shipping rate. This is because the actual rate will depend on the exact dimensions of your shipments and how much you bulk.

In the past you may have adjusted your cart pricing via the Markup / Markdown feature in Channels > Free/Flat shipping. Now, with Automatic Subsidy Management, you don’t have to.

Our system automatically learns the effective dimensions and also your bulking patterns, so there is no need to change to dimensional weights. Over time, your rates will converge to your costs, or to the markup/markdown percentage you have selected.

Automatic Subsidy Management is, by default, turned on for you.

Note: If you have selected a markup or markdown in order to match your cart pricing to your cost, we suggest you remove the markup/markdown.