Yakit End-to-End Tracking

Yakit provides end-to-end tracking for international shipments that enables the shipper and the recipient to know exactly where their shipment is at any point along its route.

Yakit's tracking is normalized, which means that the various tracking events coming in from different carriers and partners with their own terminology are translated to a standard set of events:

Shipment tracking dashboard powered by Yakit

  1. "Order received": Yakit has received the information from the shipper and is preparing to send out the shipments

  2. "Ready for pickup": The shipments have been prepared and are ready to be picked up by the local delivery partner

  3. "Picked up from fulfilment center": Shipment has been picked up from the origin and is on its way

  4. "Delivered to Forwarder": Shipment has reached the nearest airport and is waiting to be loaded onto the next plane

  5. "In-flight": Shipment is in the air on its way to the final destination

  6. "Arrived at Destination Airport": Shipment has arrived at the destination airport

  7. "Ready for Customs": Shipment has been processed by Yakit's partner at the airport and is waiting for customs to be cleared at the County of Import (COI)

  8. "Customs Cleared": Customs Authorities at the Destination airport have cleared the shipment

  9. "Picked up by Local Delivery Partner": The Local Delivery Partner in the destination country (which may be different from COI) has received the shipment

  10. "En route to Local Delivery Partner": Shipment is in transit to the destination

  11. "Out for Delivery": Shipment will be delivered in the next few hours

  12. "Delivery Attempted": The local delivery partner unsuccessfully attempted a delivery; the receiver can re-schedule the delivery for another time

  13. "Delivered": Shipment has been delivered to the final receiver

With Yakit’s end-to-end tracking, the merchant can forget the hassles of calling up airports at odd times to find out if shipments are stuck at customs or lost during transit on the road. To customers, this means knowing exactly when their package will arrive at their doorstep.

Along with normalized tracking events, Yakit's data-driven VDN also enables merchants to know the exact location of their shipment and the time in the local destination when the shipment cleared each of these checkpoints.

Here's a short video to tell you more.