Yakit landed cost app for platforms (Shopify, WooCommerce, Miva)

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Yakit services  

Use Yakit to Quote landed cost to your customers.  Let Yakit generate Labels for your current carrier (DHL Express, UPS or FedEx Express DDP billing account required).   Or use Yakit Shipping - where offered.  

Regardless of the carrier you choose, your eCommerce business will benefit from Yakit's data driven AI platform.  You will see your top-line and bottom-line grow as you convert more shopping cart quotes and keep your customers coming back for repeat purchases boosting your LTV.

We offer Yakit shipping in India, label cost is included in the shipping cost you pay.  

Details and pricing

$0.05/quote $1.50/label As shown in Calculator

100 free quotes to get you started. 

$0.05 per additional quote with $50 min.

20% discounts for pre-paid ($100 min - unused credit is fully refundable.)

Collect duties/taxes from consignee.  Improve your cart conversion 3x.

Use your own Carrier and shipping/labels.

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$50 min.

20% discounts for pre-paid ($100 min - unused credit is fully refundable) plan.

Improve your DDP shipping, so you get repeat buyers (LTV boosted 2x).

Set up Free/Flat rate shipping.

Use your own DHL/FedEx/UPS billing accounts. Yakit injects accurate HS codes and other compliance data for DDP, single label print. 

Pickups scheduled if needed.

Normalized tracking via URL, AfterShipTM, pushed to the platform via Yakit App (Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, Miva).

ProActive Monitoring(TM), and shipment support with pre-paid plan.  Let Yakit be your managed Logistics service in a box.

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No label fee.

No quote fee.

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Questions?  Email us at support[at]yakit.com or click on Y-Chat.